Founder & Lead Trainer

We make project management very practical, relevant, and relatable to our delegates. For high quality service, all training courses are personally delivered by Sam.


I have always been very passionate about sharing my knowledge with others.

This is a passion I have had from a young age, always finding opportunities to share my knowledge with others through organised teaching. It is of no surprise to me that after years of practicing as a Project Manager, I still desire to find opportunities to share my knowledge with others.

During my years of managing projects, I have had the opportunity to work with people with different levels of knowledge of, and experience in, project management. The most fascinating have been while overseeing the delivery of minor projects. This aspect of project management has been an eye-opener indeed. Small projects are unique in their own right. They nearly always require their own level of rigour and scrutiny different from a large project. Projects that appear to be small and easy to manage could lend themselves to escaping the typical project management processes.

My book: The Non-Project Manager’s Guide to Project Management was written to equip non-project managers with the right knowledge, skills, techniques and appropriate tools to efficiently and effectively manage or get involved in projects. It is intended to promote project management understanding and offer practical tips to anyone who desires to acquire project management knowledge.

Many people think of projects as only construction, IT activities or complex endeavours that require a specialist to manage. The truth is that most of us get involved in projects without even realising.

Our life activities are full of project management processes and, knowingly or unknowingly, we apply these processes.

Setting up this project management training business is an extension of my ambition and desire to share my knowledge with more and more people and businesses.